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Since 2008, we have performed at church and youth group events, college chapels, youth rallies, prolife resource center banquets, prolife conferences, broadcast media, and prolife marches. Please see our testimonial page for information or reach out to see how we can help impact your event with our message that is told through the powerful medium of music, movement, true narration and theatrical elements. Our team can share a full performance, an excerpt, a film clip and speaker or combination to best fit your budget, facility and event goals. For information on group showings of our Arise Sweet Sarah or to host a live performance or invite writer and director Sandy Arena to speak and share her story and journey of Arise Sweet Sarah, fill out the form below; call ( 585) 350-9012 ; or email 
Where We Have Performed
Albany, NY
Rochester, NY
Washington, DC
Nashville, Tennessee
York, Pa.
Fort Worth, Texas
Mishawaka, Indiana
Winter Park, Colorado
Long Beach, California
Lethbridge, Canada

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Excerpt at March for Life New York 2018